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Fancy Pregnancy

I’ll admit (and I hope none of my husband’s colleagues are reading this), I’ve never really enjoyed going to his work does. Every year the Christmas party has been a bit of a challenge – it’s never easy being the wife of the boss, but when you’re pregnant it’s even harder to create the right impression. When Christmas came around, I wasn’t too keen on going to the party, to be honest.

The last two pregnancies I was so small my bump didn’t show in December, but this time I had a definitely bulge that wasn’t going to fit in any of my beautiful evening dresses. It was time to do some serious shopping to find something flattering yet stylish so I could create the right impression with his work team.

In the end, after several exhausting days of trawling the internet and hiking up and down the high street with two whining kids in tow, I finally found exactly what I’d been looking for – a little black dress that was sophisticated but forgiving, but which could easily be dressed up with some nice heels, some classy jewellery and a great hairdo!
If you’re suffering from a similar problem and are wondering what you can possibly wear to an important event when you’re pregnant, here are my top tips to finding the perfect outfit.

What Is Chic?

The first step to choosing an outfit is to work out exactly what you’re looking for. Have a look through some fashion magazines or tv shows and see what pregnant celebrities are wearing. Does anything take your fancy? Which colors are in style? Then think about what suits you. You know your style best of all, so think about the best outfits you’ve worn when you weren’t pregnant – the same colors and  styles will almost certainly still look good on you when you have a bump.

Don’t Feel Restricted To Just Maternity Wear

If you don’t find a perfect maternity dress to suit the occasion, don’t worry. Take a look in stores or online for something you love in a bigger size. This works especially well if you’re in that awkward 2nd trimester stage when you have a small bump but nothing that really requires seriously stretchy maternity wear. If the sleeves are too long, or the chest is too large, you can always arrange to have them taken in to fit, and you’ll have a dress that you may be able to wear again after your baby makes his appearance.

Wear A Wrap

If you’re pregnant and attending a winter event, it makes sense to use a warm, furry wrap rather than trying to squeeze into your pre-pregnancy formal coat. Usually, we only invest in one maternity coat (if we bother at all) and that is usually something practical for everyday wear that would completely ruin the formal look of your evening wear. Instead, choosing a beautiful pashmina, or fur wrap will give you extra elegance while complementing your sophisticated style.

Focus On The Details

Often, the best formal maternity dresses for evening wear are quite plain and stretchy, but you can easily dress them up for even the most important occasion. By wearing some sparkling diamond (or diamante) jewelry, getting a spectacular hairdo, carrying a beautiful bag, wearing plenty of makeup and wearing some pretty shoes, you can feel and look wonderful. Work that natural pregnancy glow!


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