Tuesday, 21 October 2014

The final stretch...

Some of you might remember last month that I was nominated for a British Plus Size Award. I'm really proud and excited to be up for Best Blogger, it's a really strong category and I'm alongside some of my closet friends, so I'm hoping one of us can win it, and of course I won't lie when I say, I hope it's me. 

I know I don't need to tell you guys how much this blog means to me and what it's done for my life. Quick, get the violins out, it's time for an Xfactor-esque sob story, thing is I was genuinely at a very low and quite frankly dangerous point in my life and my mental health was the worst it had been for a very long time. I was scared and lonely and had very little sense of self worth. Finding the blogosphere changed everything. On an absolute basic level, it gave me a reason to get up and get dressed. No one wants to see a fashion blogger wearing stinky old pyjamas and sporting 4 day old, greasy hair. So, I started investing in fashion again and in my appearance. 

Look, I started giving a shit about what I looked like! (also hilarious pic, I look so young)

On a deeper level it gave me a space to be me, to remember who I was before the baby came along and various crises had stripped me of my spark. And when I was feeling low, and not having a good day it gave me solace, a space to pour my heart out and talk to like minded folk who understood. And it brought me some truly wonderful friendships. So I thank you. And this has turned into something far more emotional than I intended it to. Sorry about that. 

Look at the babes <3

I just wanted to express how much my blog means to me and how getting recognition for that in whatever form always feels wonderful. I've got my dress, and my shoes, I've making excited plans with my favourite girls for a weekend of food and booze and glamour and I've been practising my gracious loser face just in case. 

So, if you think I deserve to win I would of course love your vote. Click on the logo above or to the top right of this page. Thank you guys, really.

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Monday, 20 October 2014

Live Unlimited for Wallis

Well it's all getting rather exciting round these here plus size parts. I feel like every month I'm bringing you news of a new plus size range which is rather marvellous is it not? 

The latest range to hit the high street is Live Unlimited for Wallis. Some of you will be familiar with Live Unlimited as I've blogged about them several times in the past, their range for Evans has been really successful, so I was excited to hear they'd be designing a range exclusively for Wallis. 

Pretty special yes? So I was obviously very excited when I was sent some of the new collection. Sadly the trousers hadn't come into stock at the time, so I'm definitely going to have to buy them because they are perfect. 

So, I'm wearing the vivid floral top and the black animal detail trousers. The top has a soft silky feel, it hangs beautifully and has a partial slit at the back. The v-neck is a nice depth, it doesn't show off too much cleavage and the cap sleeves sit great on the upper arm. I'm wearing the size 22 and it's perfectly true to size. The material just skims and isn't clingy at all. 

The trousers are a ponte style trouser with zip detail to the hip and the outer leg section is almost like a faux leather but it's stretchy so they're really wearable. They're a great length, as you can see from the picture I've got them rolled up with my boots, but they sit on the ankle really nicely if you're wearing them with pumps. They're really comfortable and smart enough to wear on an evening out but equally are comfortable enough to wear in the day so you can look super hot whilst running errands. These too are a size 22 and are true to size, but extremely true shall we say? If you are bordering more on the upper end of your size go for the next size up. 

I felt really kind of kick ass sexy in this outfit which is why I felt the need to redress the balance, with the silly picture below. Enough with the serious faces already! 

I am super impressed with the range, which isn't surprising as I love Live Unlimited. I love the vibrant prints and grown up styling that they do so well and it's great to see how they've adopted that for the Wallis audience.  You can shop the full range here, for more rich colours and sumptuous styles. 

I've got one more piece from the range to share with you this week. It's a beaut so be sure to check back for it! 

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Sunday, 19 October 2014

Evans Shape Stylists

This week I was invited by Evans to try out their new Shape Stylist service. For someone like me who has a strong sense of what my style is and doesn't really care what suits my body shape I wasn't sure how it would go, but I really wanted to try it out to see if it might be of help to any of you guys. 

I know I get a lot of emails from ladies who are looking for an outfit for a special occasion, or are looking for a great pair of jeans for example, so a service like the shape stylists could be really useful. 

I visited the Evans website on Thursday morning, where a pop up window came up on the screen asking me if I'd like to speak to a Shape Stylist. Clicking the 'yes' option I was taken through to a chat window where I was greeted by my stylist Rachel. I told Rachel about how I'm going away with Michael soon and was looking for an outfit. She then asked me some questions about my dress size, colour preferences and body shape. 

Rachel was then able to recommend some items to me including a really nice top from the Collection range and a grey marl swing dress. She also gave me some styling suggestions about what I should team the items with. Throughout the process my stylist sent me links to the items and if I wasn't keen on something I was able to say what I preferred and what I didn't. Altogether I spent 30 minutes online choosing outfits for my weekend away. I then went through the checkout process as usual. I opted for the delivery to store option as I live about 3 minutes away, but you can chose home delivery too. 

I found the whole process really easy and I think it's a really great service if you're not quite sure what you're looking for or find online shopping difficult. It's much easier than trawling through pages of clothing (unless you're like me and actually love doing that, I'm thinking of going semi-pro in the browsing games). 

The Shape Stylist service is available 7 days a week Monday - Friday 9am-9pm, Saturday 3pm-7pm and Sunday 5pm-9pm. Each stylist is an Evans store member and has experience advising customers in the perfect outfits for them and a large proportion of the ladies are plus size themselves and can advise from personal experience. 

My outfit choices are due to arrive the middle of next week so I'll pop them here on the blog so you can see what we came up with! 

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Tuesday, 14 October 2014

OOTD: Old faves

Cold enough for you yet? I'm so bloomin' cold already, goodness know how I'm going to cope when it's actually winter! 

I had a huge clear out this morning, swapped all my summer clothes over and dug out all my woolies.

I wore: Mustard jumper - JUNAROSE (Alternative)// Striped skirt - Dorothy Perkins (Alternative)// Parka - SLiNK Boutique// Chelsea Boots - Clarks

I found some gems this morning that I'd forgotten about including this JUNAROSE mustard jumper and Dorothy Perkins skirt. I wore them with opaque tights, my trusty SLiNK Boutique parka (aka the walking duvet) and my new chelsea boots from Clarks. Because The clothes are past season I've linked a couple of alternatives from H&M that go up to a size 24. 

Nora Batty tights...

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Sunday, 12 October 2014

OOTD: Hell for leather...

Happy Sunday folks! Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. I'm heading out for lunch today so I quickly snapped my outfit. 

I wore: Stripe Top - H&M// Faux Leather Skirt - JUNAROSE// Longline Cardigan - ASOS Curve// Boots - Primark// Oversized Clutch* - ELVi 

I've had this JUNAROSE skirt for a while now, but the weather has been so changeable I haven't got round to wearing it. I love the mixed textures of the faux leather and faux suede and the V detail to the front. I'm wearing the UK22 and found it true to size. It is really fitted with no stretch though, so just be mindful of that when ordering. I love a look like this,  it's easy to wear and comfortable but really stylish, easy like Sunday morning you might say! (Eeek cheesy or what?)

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* Denotes items sent to me for review

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

When the moon is in the seventh house...

I know I'm pretty enthusiastic about most garments I put on here, I can't help it, I love clothes, and lets face it, if I feature something on here it either means I've spent my hard earned cash on it, or I've been given the opportunity to pick something from a retailer. So either way, I'm not going to not like it. 

Sure I can review and sometimes criticise the fit, fabric and colour for example, but I normally already like the style and/or print of a garment. I saw this Jeffrey & Paula blouse on the Simply Be website the other day and thought I'd give it a go (they've just upped my credit limit, dangerous territory), and as much as I thought it was cute, I was not expecting to love it as much as I did when it arrived. 

Oh it's so pretty, it's the prettiest blouse that ever lived. The print is just stunning and the peplum makes me feel all fancy and a bit grown up. I want to wear it every single day. Sadly I can't, it would get a bit smelly. Erm, moving on, enough of the lyrical waxing from me, lets get to the technical stuff. I sized up to the 24 and it was a wise choice, it fits perfectly, so I would definitely recommend on sizing up. The fabric has no stretch at all so you need that little bit of leeway.  This blouse is currently down to £20 in the sale, I urge you to purchase it. 

Look! I'm reet chuffed!

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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

OOTD: White out...

I don't wear much white, mainly due to the fact that you can guarantee after half an hour I will have spilt something down me, but when I saw this tunic in the Next sale I just had to give white another chance.

It's a drop waist style and while I suspect it's supposed to be a dress, I had to wear leggings with mine for reasons of decency! The fabric is thick and textured and the geometric print is really cool. There is a zip to the back that adds a little detail and I found it to be true to size, I'm wearing the UK22. I teamed mine with leggings and these really sweet double buckle monk shoes that I also picked up in the sale a Debenhams. They are Rocha by John Rocha and are real leather, I paid £15 for them, bloody amazing! 

I love a good bargain! 

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