Thursday, 18 December 2014

Mini Style: Text Santa

Hello! Guess what? I got all my assignments handed in. I'm slowly starting to feel human again and who knows, tomorrow I might even wrap some presents and start to feel christmassy! 

I was sent this rather fab onesie for Pops from the lovely folks at The Hut. They have a small but beautifully shaped range of Text Santa merchandise, a minimum of 25% from each garment goes to the five charities supported by them. 

Standard orders placed before tomorrow should arrive before Christmas and next day delivery is available up until the 23rd of December. They make a fab Christmas gift and you can help these brilliant charities in the process! 

Poppy is wearing the 4-6 years size. I'll be honest it's a bit small. Poppy is 4, granted she is pretty tall, but you might want to size up a bit! It's made of a lightweight jersey, with popper fasteners to the front. As you can see it has a hood and drawstring which means (for me at least) it's not a sleeping onesie (for safety reasons) but it's perfect for bombing round the house when she gets home from school. 

Poppy's besets fashion blogger pose

I love the super cute print (and the super cute face)

Details of the charities which Text Santa supports can be found on their website, click on the pic below for all the info:

As we got this garment sent to us, we thought it was only fair to make a donation. You can too by texting SANTA5 (or any amount you's like to donate) to 70760.

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Saturday, 13 December 2014

Style: True Blue

In a complete contrast to my last Scarlett and Jo post, and you'll probably agree, leaning a bit more towards my style, I've got some gorgeous separates to show you. 

I'm wearing the blue PU trim tunic and the PU leggings which I don't think are available yet (jacket, shoes and handbag are mine). First of all, can we just talk about this colour? How stunning is it? It just makes everything else pop, my eyes, hair, love love love it!  

The PU trim and crochet detailing to the neck line is so gorgeous, the contrast of the floral with PU is so good. The tunic is fitted, although I'm in a size 24 so it's a bit looser. I'd recommend sticking to your own size though. It has 3/4 length sleeves and is that heavy crepe jersey that Scarlett and Jo do so well. 

With the PU leggings I'd suggest sizing up if you are large of thigh like me. These are the 22 and I could barely get them on, once they are on though, they do look rather banging. And I'll apologise now for the excessive photo's but I'm a little bit in love with the outfit. 

The tunic sits mid thigh on me (5'7") so if you're a bit shorter I definitely think you could wear this as a dress. I think I'll stick to leggings though! This would look really cute as a day time outfit, just swap the PU leggings for regular jersey ones, add some chunky boots and a big fluffy cardigan or a biker jacket. 

The tunic is also available in red, how stunning would that be for Christmas day?  

Gorgeous detailing.

This and a few other pieces in the range are on offer at the moment, head to the Evans website to view the whole range. 

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Friday, 12 December 2014

Size: You Are Fab

Last week, my friend Rivkie, founder and editor-in-chief of SLiNK Magazine told me about this campaign she'd heard about. Some weight-loss guru (I refuse to mention his name) had decided to declare the 7th of January as "Tell a friend they're fat" day. As you can imagine, I was outraged, in fact our whole circle of friends were (we have a little Facebook group where we hang out and chat, what with us being sprawled across the country). You see the thing is, as body confident, fat accepting women, the notion of being called fat doesn't phase us. The word fat is a mere descriptor nowadays. But there was a time for all of us that it did. I myself, just 5 years ago would have been floored if a friend turned around and called me fat. The reason being, before I found the fat acceptance movement, the word fat automatically meant disgusting. It's not that I didn't know I was fat, of course I did, but the fact people thought I was and that they saw that was such a problem that they wanted me to change was heartbreaking.

When I look back to my BFA (before fat acceptance) days, I now know it wasn't being fat that I hated, it wasn't me or my appearance that I hated. What I hated was that everyone else hated me, that I wasn't good enough for everyone else. That in everyone else's eyes I was a disappointment, I was disgusting, lazy and greedy and everything else most people associate the word fat with. I spent the most part of my childhood, puberty and adulthood trying to change for other people. Can you imagine what that feels like? (I have a feeling a lot of you reading this will). So can you imagine how I felt when I heard this awful man was thinking of declaring a day dedicated to telling people they weren't good enough? I was fucking livid.

Then the lovely Kate came up with an idea, why can't people just be nice to each other? Why can't we tell a friend "you are fab" and bobs your uncle, that's what we decided we'd do. We'd counteract this man with "you are fab" it's easy, it's positive and it's snappy. It wasn't meant for one minute to detract from the fact that this vile excuse of a man had deliberately targeted fat people, it isn't meant to detract from the fact we need to claim back the word. By god we do. But what it is meant to address on a wider scale is that calling someone out on their physical appearance is the last form of acceptable bullying. That it is still okay to make someone else's appearance your business. Well you know what? It's not. So don't be a crappy friend, be a good friend. If your friend wants to lose weight, they will. If they want your help, they'll most probably ask for it. So until they do, there is no need to tell a friend they're fat. Tell them they're wonderful, tell them they're funny, or intelligent, or beautiful, or graceful. Tell them "you are fab".

You can read more about SLiNK Magazine's campaign here and start tagging your social media with #YouAreFab

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Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Style: Sunday blues and berry hues...

*Pops head up from piles of uni books and waves* Hello! I'm taking a brief break from the most ridiculous amount of uni work to say hi and talk about one of my favourite subjects: jeans. Fashion World sent over these high waisted skinny jeans from the Claire Richards range for me to try. We all know I love a good pair of jeans, but the high waisted variety have been somewhat elusive. 

These jeans are a really firm but stretchy demin, they are a great skinny fit and true to size (I'm wearing the 22). Sadly, for long torso Beebs, they are not high waisted, so the search continues, but for now, at least I have an awesome pair of skinny jeans for when I don't want to wear my good old ripped variety. 

I love the deep blue colour of these jeans with the washed out effect to the front, they have a really nice lattice feature on the waistband which, if you were wearing them high waisted would look really cute.

Not high waisted :(

I took these pics over a week ago now before the really cold weather set in, still hanging onto an autumnal vibe I mixed my berry toned bag and top against the blues of my kimono and jeans. It's a colour combo I wouldn't normally wear, but I really loved it. 

This is the kind of outfit I wear the most to be honest, and on this day we were popping into town to do some shopping and grab some lunch, it's just a really easy to wear, casual yet put together look.

Right, back to assignments for me... Wish me luck! 
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**These jeans were sent to me for review on the blog.  All words and opinions are my own**

Friday, 5 December 2014

Style: Under Your Spotlight...

Did you pick up any bargains over Black Friday/Cyber Weekend? For us in the UK this is a fairly new phenomenon, but anything that saves a bit of cash is absolutely fine by me!

I got a couple of dresses from ASOS Curve including this cute sweatshirt dress. I've had my eye on it for a while so decided to snap it up whilst I had some cash. 

I love the spotlight print, with the floral, it's such a lovely contrast against the casual grey marl. This is second time I've worn this since I got it, I also wore it with tights to uni the other day. 

I'm wearing the 22, it's true to size and really comfortable. It falls just above my knee and I'm 5'7",  I'm definitely a bit smitten! 

P.S. My hair is driving me insane! I'm trying to grow it out to a choppy bob, have you got any in between tips? Thanks!

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Thursday, 4 December 2014

Style: A little something with a vintage feel...

Sorry things have been a little quiet, uni work has most definitely been my priority, but I have some gorgeous pieces I want to share with you over the next week or so, so I better get on with it! 

Last week I was in London for an event, and with the afternoon to spare, I thought I'd organise to pop in and see the team at Scarlett and Jo. I am always bowled over by the creative team's enthusiasm for creating a very feminine atheistic, mixed with bold colours and prints. Gifi, the big boss, always calls me his 'casual girl', he knows that I'm not necessarily what you might class as Scarlett and Jo's prime customer base, I'm far too happy and comfortable in jeans, but what I do know is, that if I want a beautifully fitted, vintage inspired piece, Scarlett and Jo is always my first port of call. 

I was sent this tea dress a couple of weeks ago now. I'd been wearing it all day (albeit with flat shoes!), we'd just put our decorations up in the living room and I thought I'd get a few pics of me in it. I apologise in advance, they are hilariously cheesy, but everything looked so twee and pretty, I couldn't resist!

Now forgive me, I look dog tired, and most probably should have slapped a tonne of make-up on before I did these shots, but I'd had a long day and I wanted to share this dress with you, especially as it currently has a whopping 30% off. 

Look I even sepia-toned some of them for that authentic vintage look! Ha ha! (I told you it was cheesy). 

The dress is that beautiful heavy jersey that S&J do so well, it always hangs so well and has a lovely stretch to it. The 1940s detailing in the neckline is just stunning, the scalloped shoulders, with light padding and button detail to the chest make this dress so special. I'm wearing the 24 but the 22 would have been just as good on me. I find I fluctuate between the two sizes in S&J.

Just casually tending to the tree...

I have a couple more casual, contemporary pieces to show you from Scarlett and Jo, and having seen a sneak peak of the newest collection, I can tell you now, there is a whole world of beautiful coming your way very soon. 

Also a quick thank you to Scarlett and Jo for having myself, Elena and Em over last week, we had a wonderful afternoon and can't wait to pop in again! 

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**This dress was sent to me for the purposes of review. All words and opinions however are mine**