Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Style: Plus Size Fur with The Curve

I've been loving the fur trend this winter, it's luxurious and sumptuous but can still be completely casual. This gorgeous gilet from independent plus size brand The Curve is a bit tasty! 

I kept this outfit so simple, I didn't want to detract from the main focus of the gilet really. I think it would have been easy to over do it which we all know isn't my style. This is the kind of piece that is going to take your outfit to the next level yet is still incredibly wearable. I mean I did the school run in this and took Poppy to her swimming lesson, I didn't feel overdressed, but I did feel just that little bit fancy which is lovely!

I've reviewed The Curve before and found it to come up a little small, so I got the 24 on this occasion, but this faux fur gilet is actually pretty true, so I could have got my usual 22. In terms of budget, this is a high-end piece, I'm not going to lie, it won't be suitable for a lot of pockets, but if you are in the market for something different from an independent plus size brand, you can't go far wrong with The Curve. 

Have you embraced the fur trend? If so how? Just a subtle collar or accessory or full on furry snuggliness? (Yes, that's a word). 

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** This item was sent to me for the purposes of review. All words/opinions however are completely my own. ** 

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Style: In the garden with Colonel Mustard...

I have been lusting after this little mustard tweed jacket by ELVi since September when I saw it at Plus North. Then my long lean northern sex kitten Em at Terrible Tumbles reviewed it and I fell even more in love, why it's taken me so long to purchase I have absolutely no idea. It was finally when my lovely pal Claire got hers, I snapped and though right, I will regret this forever if I don't get it now.

And of course it's perfect. I love everything from ELVi, they serve grown up style with a strong fashion feel. No these aren't fast fashion pieces, they are the sort if items you'll have in your wardrobe for years to come yet they continue to look fresh year on year, because ironically, they're classic (if that makes sense!)

In terms of fit, this jacket is spot on. I'm wearing the 22, it's fitted but not tight in the arms, it zips up with a little bit of room for movement. My only issue and it's a teeny one is that this jacket had shoulder pads, which on my already broad shoulders looked a bit ridiculous. Easily solved, I unpicked the lining (yes it's fully lined too) and snipped them out. I'm going to get my mum to sew up the small bit I unpicked because I'm not so good with the needle. Claire and I have blogged this jacket at the same time so you can see it on her body shape and you'll see on her, the shoulder pads are perfect, they help balance out her large bust. 

The fabric is a soft loose weave tweed, it has browns and red running through the mustard, it's just so pretty. I think one of the reasons I love this so much is it's versatility, I know that's a word I bang on about a lot, but when you don't know from one week to the next if you'll be in a business meeting or dashing around running errands and picking up the baby from school, versatile garments are so important. This is something I can throw on with jeans like today, or over a black dress for a meeting or evening out. 

You can pick this jacket up in the sale, just like I did for the bargain price of £20. Don't forget to check out Claire's post on Monkey See, Monkey do, Monkey Wear to see how she got on with hers, and I've linked Em at the top of the post, so there's a good range of heights and sizes to see it on. 

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Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Style: Green Light...

It's not really been the weather for the most inspirational of outfits. For me it's been about staying warm and comfortable. I've been stocking up on knitwear and I'll be completely honest, when this one turned up I wasn't sure I could pull off such a bright green. But once I tried it on I fell in love with it! 

I'm wearing the jumper with the Simply Be ripped skinny jeans and slightly battered converse. It was my day to do the school run and take Pops for her swimming lesson so I needed my outfit to be warm, comfy and practical. 

As you can see, there is a really nice zip detail to the back and the jumper is a kind of waffle texture. I ordered the 24 because I like a lot of room in my knitwear, but I think it's supposed to be a bit more fitted so if you prefer it that way, I'd stick with your regular size. 

My dearest dad took these pics, hence why you can see half of their back garden and neighbourhood too, but I think they still came out okay! Haha! Also check out my darling chubby Buddah mate in the background, chubby chaps rock! 

I have to go to hospital tomorrow for (joy of joys) a colonoscopy, so I'm currently starving and grumpy. I'm going to try and schedule another post because I'll be spending Friday in bed feeling sorry for myself, then Saturday I'm heading to London to shoot for one of my fave brands so I'm a bit busy, but I will be posting pics from the day so keep an eye out for those! 

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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Trend: Smock Tops

Hey! So I thought I'd check out another trend this week. Smock tops and smock dresses for that matter have been around for the last year really and they don't look to be going anywhere soon. The dress variety I find don't work too well on me, my hips are way too big so they kind of sit funny on me, but the top version I really like and have a few now.

To be honest they are just kind of baggy peplum tops, but I like that, it gives the top a more casual edge and we all know I'm a casual girl.

The latest addition to my collection is this bright leopard print smock top from Simply Be. I've been having a bit of a splurge with Simply Be at the moment, much to my credit account's dismay. But hey, I'll save and be sensible when I'm dead.

I sized up to a 24, but I don't think I needed to it is very oversized, so you should be okay with your usual size. I'm wearing it with some panel leggings from Wallis (not that you can tell, Winter is no friend of the blogger!), ASOS pointed flats and Simply Be textured jacket

I think I'm going to wear this to death in the summer, it's a light cotton material, I love the acid yellow, grey and black contrast; one of my favourite colour combos! It will go really great with my jersey peg leg trousers and some sandals.

Have you tried the smock trend? Do you prefer the dresses or tops or is it a bit too shapeless for you?

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Monday, 19 January 2015

Style: Neglected items...

I bought this skirt from H&M a good 3 or 4 months ago. I fell in love with the print. I've took it out my wardrobe, I've tried it on, I've huffed and puffed and put it back on the hanger again. I wanted to love it so much but just couldn't find the right way to wear it. Everything I wore with it looked stupid (in my head). 

In an attempt to force myself to wear it I thought I'd style it for the blog and see what you guys thought and maybe when faced with it, I could think of a way to wear it and enjoy it! (I know all this for a £10 skirt, I do take my fashion seriously don't I?) 

So I teamed it with my trusty denim shirt, a big necklace (of course) and some pointy court shoes. I like the look, but I'm still left with the dilemma of where I would wear this outfit. I think this would be great if I worked in quite a casual office maybe? But for my day-to-day life it just isn't appropriate.

I think what this little experiment has proved to me is a. Don't buy pencil skirts for day wear because the reality is I will never wear them, they feel too dressy and b. *If* I wear this skirt it will have to be for a night out or a date or something. I need to stop trying to incorporate it into my day wardrobe! 

So if you have an item in your wardrobe you're not sure about, or are struggling to style it, I can recommend this method. You don't need to have a blog but it's worth trying the item on, taking some pics and having a look at them. Decide if it is in fact the item for you and if so how best to style it or how to get rid of it! It's a great method when cleaning out your wardrobe too. Try some of your more neglected items on and take some mirror pics. Decide if it's still really "you" or still fits with your lifestyle. As our lives change as does our wardrobe. Don't hang on to items that no longer reflect that. 

I'm not quite ready to let go of this skirt yet, but at least now I know how it fits in to my wardrobe a bit better and when I'm most comfortable wearing it! 

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Saturday, 17 January 2015

Vlog: Curvy Kate Luxe Bra Review

Hey everyone, hope you're having a great weekend. Last week I treated myself to a much needed new strapless bra. My old ill-fitting one breathed its last minting breathe over the summer. I'd heard great things about the Curvy Kate Luxe so I went for it. Have a laugh at my expense whilst I jump up and down and wiggle my boobs! 

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Monday, 12 January 2015

Style: OOTD Flouro Flash...

This drab weather is really starting to bore me now! I am already buying sumer pieces for my holiday and dreaming of warmer climes. 

I bought this jumper from Simply Be last week, I was in serious need of a colour injection and it certainly gave me that.

Firstly, oh my goodness, I know I keep going on about it, but my hair is annoying me so bad! I'm going to see Linda on Thursday and I can't wait!

I wore this open work jumper from Simply Be with the Look Magazine shirt, leggings and ELVi coatigan.  It's just a really simple day outfit, that still looks 'put together'. 

I'm wearing the 24/26 in the jumper and I know a lot of people have been having some serious fit issue with items from Simply Be, something that a few bloggers have written about now and something I'm hoping to write about this week too. I think it's really important that these issues are tackled head on and the more of us who hold our hands up say, you know what? These items aren't fitting us well, the better. So watch out for that this week. 

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