Sunday, 24 July 2016

Food: Afternoon Tea with a Twist

Hello! How are you all? Have you been enjoying the weather? It's been glorious if not a little sticky hasn't it? So a couple of Saturdays ago we celebrated my mum's 60th birthday with the most delightful afternoon tea courtesy of the Comfy Duck in Lincolnshire

We enjoyed the Wimbledon themed afternoon tea, which of course has now ended, but you can still enjoy the summer themed one, and oh my goodness I recommend you do. 

The quality of the food was just wonderful, everything was just so tasty and well presented, and as you can see from the pictures below, it all looks just as good as the press pictures! 

I've reviewed the Comfy Duck before and one year on, I can truly say the quality is just as amazing. But more importantly, the service we have received every time has always been outstanding. 

The staff are always so friendly and down to earth, they make you feel welcome and at ease. Nothing was too much trouble, and this time having taken Poppy I was so impressed with how kind they were to her. 

Mum, me and Pops - my two fave gals <3 

The sandwiches were served on a traditional cake stand and we may or not have wolfed them down before I remembered to take some pictures (bad blogger alert). But oh my goodness we did get a picture of the gorgeous desserts. 

Thing is when you look at afternoon tea you think, pfft that's not going to fill me, but by the end of this we were all stuffed! 

I of course have to throw a little bit of fashion in for good measure, and for my outfit I wore this cute playsuit from New Look which was perfect for such a warm day! 

Just a quick note as well, the restaurant prides itself on its gluten free and vegetarian options and that applies to the afternoon teas too, so everyone is catered for, they even do children's options too! 

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend, I've got some posts coming up including a bit of lingerie and summer fashion. Cheers guys! 

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**The meal was courtesy of the Comfy Duck, all words and opinions are my own**

Sunday, 3 July 2016

Style: Navabi Shirt Dress... of Dreams.

A couple of weeks ago now I was lucky enough to be invited to a blogger event at the Navabi offices in London. It was truly, truly glorious, just the most chilled, fun, lovely evening. I had so much fun catching up with old faces, meeting new ones and spending time with my patty sister Em. 

Did some trying on (the mustard number came home with me) and got the most amazing goody bags which included my amazing miu miu glasses (courtesy of the sunglasses shop) which I haven't shut up about ever since! 

I do though digress, we were very kindly given a voucher to spend on the Navabi collection, and I snapped up this fine fine plus size shirt dress which is just bloody great. 

First up though, Poppy took these pics! How cute is that? (or child labour if you look at it another way) but still! 

I don't what to say about this dress other than it's bloody brilliant, go and buy it. It is worth every penny, the fabric, the cut, the fit, the design, the whole shebang is glorious. I'm wearing the 24, it's an oversized style, but looks amazing with the belt. It's laid back, it's chic and everything I could wish for. 

Oh... And did I mention it has pockets?

Poppy started getting bossy and directed me into this amazing pose HAHA!! 

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**The dress featured was bought with a voucher gifted to me by Navabi**

Saturday, 25 June 2016

Style: At number 66

Well I wondered why my mum was whining saying she couldn't fit my feet in the picture. Well it turns out my photos where on the square setting. Ah well, makes a change doesn't it? So anyway, how are you lot? 

I wore some clothes today and I had someone to takes pictures of me doing such a wondrous thing. Hooray I hear you say! 

I'm wearing a delightful little lightweight pinafore from ASOS, the t-shirt is from the H&M main range (they're XL is about a 22 depending on cut and fabric) and the shoes are my old clogs, which you can pick up similar from Lotta from Stockholm Clogs, who have the most amazing range. And that my friends is all I have to say about that really! I am completely shattered from work but my oh my are things wonderful. 

Oh god I almost forgot!!! I'm also wearing my banging awesome Miu Miu sunglasses from the Sunglasses Shop via the amazing peeps at Navabi! They are my most treasured possession after my child. No jokes. 

Have a great weekend gang, speak soon.

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Saturday, 18 June 2016

Style: Shoe Shoe be Doo.

Hey hey! I've had a very busy but fab week. I hope yours has been great too!

I got these snaps a few weeks ago and have been meaning to post them. The outfit is a couple of pieces I picked up in the ASOS sale and the shoes were very kindly gifted to me by Yours Clothing

I seem to have built up a rather extensive collection of dungarees in all their different guises, I just seem to gravitate towards them for some reason! I even have posh pinafore dresses for work now too!  I just love to pop them on and feel instantly put together (I feel like I say this about all my clothes, but that's the point, I try and chose pieces that are easy to wear, but look great). 

So onto the shoes, I love a clog and these are beauties, they are super lightweight and really comfortable. A word of warning though, size up. They do come up very small. They are not very wide fit either, despite the description on the website, but they are gorgeous. 

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**The shoes were sent to me for the purposes of review which is bloody lovely. I do however write all my own word and have full control of all my opinions haha!!**

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Style: Navabi Style Perfection.

I have a confession... I have had this gorgeous Zizzi Black Label top from Navabi literally for months and I have worn it to death, but you know what I didn't do? I didn't blog it! I was so busy wearing it, I plain forgot!  

I have honestly worn this so much, I can just throw it on for work with cigarette pants or a tube skirt and I feel instantly chic. And the quality? Oh my god the quality. There is no denying at just shy of £100 this isn't within everyone's budget, but oh my goodness it is worth every single penny, should you be a position to invest in something a bit more luxe. 

The sizing is spot on, but if you're in doubt, every single item on the Navabi website has individual sizing information regarding fit, measurements and fabric. It is so helpful, majorly so. 

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**This item was sent to me for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own**

Sunday, 29 May 2016

Event: Yours Clothing Sunderland Store Opening!

Well lookey here! It's been an inordinate amount time since I last blogged but I'm sure you'll all be pleased to know (or at least I hope you are) that I've finished my degree!!! It was mega tough towards the end, but it's done, and I'm exceptionally proud! So, what better way to celebrate then spend some time with my favourite person, Em, from Terrible Tumbles where we got to spend the day at the opening of the Sunderland Yours Clothing store! 

Look at how gorgeous all these ladies are?!! The team was amazing and welcomed Em and I so warmly! The day itself was wonderful and so many customers were thrilled to see the store, which had previously closed, open again. 

While there I got to play dress up in a couple of pieces from the in-store collection. 

So the outfit I had planned for the day sadly didn't work out, but thankfully I had a beauty of a dress from Yours Clothing I hadn't got round to blogging so I wore that for the day! 

When your best mate makes you laugh when you're trying to be serious...

I love this dress, it's just so wearable! It is comfortable, but a little bit sexy, but completely office worthy too. Add some heels and jewellery and it's good to go for a night out! 

I'm wearing the 22, it's true to size. It is fitted, and to be honest I wouldn't recommend sizing up because it's a body con, it is what it is. If you want a loser fit, I'd try a different style if I'm honest. The length is just on the knee on me (I'm 5'7").

It's good to be back gang! 

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**This post and visit was in partnership with Yours Clothing. All words and opinions are my own!**

Saturday, 9 April 2016

Style: #MyBoohooStyle

Hey everyone! Hope you're well? 

Great news! Boohoo Plus are extending their range! There's going to be lots more pieces hitting the website over the next few months, so I was very kindly given the chance to style my own Boohoo outfit. 

I'm wearing: Grey Biker Jacket// Wrap Dress// Lace Up Shoes

For fast fashion, plus size style, Boohoo are right up there for me. I love the sheer breath of style and the very affordable price point. 

And for those of you thinking Boohoo is for the under 30's only you'd be wrong, there's fashion to suit all tastes and ages. I've gone for a particularly classic style dress here, with a minimalist twist in the dove grey jacket, then finished it off with some on trend lace up shoes.

In terms of fit, I'm wearing the 24 in everything, I tend to size up in boohoo, but I might have got away with my usual 22 in these pieces to be fair. 

I'll be sharing #MyBoohooStyle across social media, and don't forget if you've got some boohoo pieces to show off, do the same! I love trawling hashtags from brands for inspiration. 

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**The items in this post were sent to me for the purposes of review . All words and opinions are my own**