Thursday, 24 July 2014

OOTD: Paisley prints and marl

It would seem at the moment, every Thursday after watching This Old Thing on a Wednesday, I feel the need to dig out some vintage to wear the next day. I don't wear vintage every day, I don't even wear it every week, but I do love it and have dedicated much time to finding it. I've talked a little bit about how to track down plus size vintage and make it work for you over on the Huffington Post blog.

Inspired by last nights show I dug out one of my fave skirts. I picked this up from one of the Leeds Plus Size Clothes Swaps (The next one is September 13th click here for the details) which are a brilliant for picking up little gems!

 I teamed it with a simple grey marl tee from Simply Be and Primark peep toe flats. 

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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Power dressing...

Another jumpsuit, I know. I'm sorry. It's totally worth it though I promise!

I've got some lovely pieces to show you from JUNAROSE this month and I'm sad to say it will be my last month. It's been a truly wonderful year as a JUNAROSE ambassador, but my contract is up and it's time for all of us to step down and give a whole new batch of bloggers a chance to experience what we have. I can honestly say I am truly grateful for the amazing opportunity. I'm sure I'll blog some of their pieces from time to time anyway as I'll continue to be a loyal customer, but,  anyway lets move onto the fashion before I get all dewy eyed...

I'm calling this my 80s power bitch look, big hair, gold jewellery, jumpsuit wearing gloriousness. The strap jumpsuit is really thin and lightweight, and boy was I glad of it on Saturday night, it was scorching here, and the loose fit was very welcome. The pretty delicate beading to the neckline is very sweet too. 

I was heading out to see my friends band, so I teamed it with flats so I could boogy and swept my hair back so I didn't get too hot and bothered. 

As mentioned, I've got some other gorgeous JUNAROSE pieces to show you this month, so keep your eyes peeled for those. 
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Tuesday, 22 July 2014

It's in the bag...

The perks of being at university include getting to hang out with cool people, enjoying new challenges and most importantly, buying new stuff for September just like when you used to go back to school. Of course, folders, pencil cases and notebooks are high on the agenda. But I'm always on the look out for a new bag too. 

I was recently introduced to Vendula London who design cute bags, accessories and funky purses. I've put together a bit of a wish list of my favourite pieces from the site. 

Top Left is this cute iPad cover, I love the deep purple colour and pretty flowers, next is cake shop wallet, below is my absolute favourite design on the site, the umbrella range. I love this grey cross-body bag, with sweet umbrellas. It's big enough to fit my books, purse, and other assorted rubbish in! and finally, for the days when I have to take my whole life (which is normally coming up to assignment deadline) this large tote bag is perfect! 

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** This is a sponsored post, but as always the words,  choices and opinions are mine**

Saturday, 19 July 2014

There's no such thing as best...

I'm a big believer in seizing the day, and that includes not saving things for best. I use the posh cutlery set we got for our wedding every single day and my expensive jewellery gets worn around the house. Some people might think I'm being lavish, but the way I see it is, there is no point keeping beautiful things in boxes, they should be enjoyed and loved every day! I feel the same about fashion, although there's no doubting I'm a super casual chick, I love mixing luxurious textures and fabrics with things like denim and leather.

Pretty things come in pretty parcels <3

I was lucky enough to be able pick something from the spring/summer Plus Size collection at Elvi, those of you familiar with the brand will know that a lot of it is quite dressy, and is made up of occasion wear pieces. And although they do have some casual pieces, I was drawn to this rather posh lace camisole top. 

I ordered a 24 because according to the size chart I'm a 26, so I went for somewhere in between. It turns out I would have been absolutely fine with my own size 22. So sometimes it's worth just going for your own size and disregarding the size chart! The top was a bit loose under the arms but other than that I liked the tunic style of it. The top is fully lined and the lace is beautiful quality. All the edges are bound embroidered so it's very fancy indeed! To the back are buttons the full length of the top which adds a really nice feel to the style. 

Of course I wore it with jeans, I wanted to find a way to wear this type of garment in a casual way.

I was bowled over by the quality and choice at Elvi, it's somewhere I would't have thought to shop at previously, but I've now got my eye on several other pieces! Have you checked them out lately? If anything does take your fancy enter BLOGELVI for a 20% discount! 

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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Let's go the be-each...

Oh it's blooming lovely out there and I'm one of those incredibly lucky (smug) people who live a ten minute drive from the beach, so when I was sent this gorgeous chevron beach bag from I couldn't wait to put it to use and head on down to the beach. 

This bag is HUGE, and quite rightly so! For families you can fit everyones towels, sun cream, hats, water and the like in, no worries. It would be perfect for heading to the park for a bit of al fresco dining and work, you can pop your laptop in, some food, a blanket and other essentials. There's a couple of pockets to the inside, one for your mobile and a small one for purse and keys. The bag is fully lined and the straps are real leather. 

Not only am I going to use this for the beach, I can see it being a great uni bag too, especially when I have to take my laptop, books, folders and everything apart from the kitchen sink to lug around! has a great selection of bags, fashion and shoes. Why not have a look! 

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Sunday, 13 July 2014

Pinspiration - Look three

Hello! We're actually a week late on this one, but here is the third instalment of our Pinspiration series. Claire and I choose a look from Pinterest and try to recreate it using items from our wardrobe. This month was my choice, and I went for this...

Source: Pinterest 

Ok, so sadly (very sadly) I don't have any pineapple trousers knocking around the house, something I would indeed like to rectify. But I do have tropical floral ones, so I thought they'd be a good compromise. 

 I wore: Jacket - Curvissa// Trousers - ASOS (No longer available)// Shoes - JustFab

This outfit worked out better than I thought it would. I wasn't sure how the print clashing would work, but I think it's quite nice! 

 Excuse the indoor shots, it was absolutely chucking it down outside!

 Don't forget to check out Claire's post too! 

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Saturday, 12 July 2014

And we'll never be royal...

Thought I'd do a quick little outfit post. This a really sweet vintage dress I picked up from a company called Barnet Fair Vintage. I bought this from their eBay page, but I do believe they have a webshop too. 

It's a bit of an 80s does 50s kind of vibe, but I really like it. It's a little bit (ok a LOT) snug on my boobs, but luckily because it's double breasted I can just leave the buttons open. I like that the skirt is full but not too flouncy which makes it more wearable for me. I love the details to the shoulder area and the length is just perfect.

As I always say when blogging vintage, if you're lucky enough to have a vintage shop near you, don't be afraid to try stuff on, I have vintage in my wardrobe from a size 14. Depending on cut and fabric you could be pleasantly surprised. When shopping on line try and ask for measurements and take a chance if you really love it. If it doesn't fit, just sell it on again. 

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